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Current Server Status

Server Settings :
Server Based : Indonesia ( GMT+7 )
Maintown : Prontera

Episode : Currently Episode 18
Job 4th
Max level : 250/50
Max Stats : 130
Max ASPD : 193

EXP Rates: 50x
Quest EXP Rate: 50x
There will we double EXP event on weekend

Drop Rates: 25x
Card Drop Rates:
Normal : 10%
MiniBoss : 5%
MVP : 1%

Guild Capacity : 36
Alliance : Disable
Death Penalty : VIP : 0% | Non VIP : -1%
Storage Capacity : 600 (+600 for VIP)
Max Zeny : 2,000,000,000z

Regular Commands :
@commands : to see all command list
@town : to go back to maintown
@rates : to see the exp and drop rates of the game
@alootid : to automatically loot a specific items
@autoloot : to automatically loot items by droprates %
@autotrade : leaving your character online while vending
@iteminfo : to check the information of an item
@mobinfo : to check the information of a monster
@hominfo : to check the information of your homunculus
@whereis : to check the summon map of a monster
@time : to check the time of the game server
@whodrops : to check which monster drops which item
@jailtime : to check the remaining time for jailed players
@showexp : to show gained experience
@changegm : to move the guild leadership to other player in the same guild
@refresh : to refresh your screen when there is too much animation
@noask : to automatically reject transaction or request
@adopt : to adopt a player as your legal baby after marriage

VIP Special Commands :
@vipinfo : to check vip status
@duel : to invite a player to a 1 vs 1 duel in non PVP map
@reject : to reject duel invitation
@accept : to accept duel invitation
@leave : to leave duel